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Dear diary,

I feel horrible, just last week I had no worry in my head not it all came back. Why why?? I have struggled wayy to much just when I thought it would stop right at the verge i almost had no worry something had to enter my brain and fuck it all up.. i cant just forget about i can not think clear at all . 

Today is a horrible day.

To-Do List Bitchesss!

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To- Do List

*Shave my legs

*Wash Hair

*Take pictures for Instagram

*Create Deviantart

*Read a summary of Sense and Sensibility and memorize it so when Blondie asks questions I have answers(p.s For all you who don’t want to read something that a teacher assigned you- just go on SparkNotes or google it. It works with Math English History Science. I get all my answers from google)

*Buy Tyga shirts

*Get earplugs

*Get tampons/pads

*Get lead for pencils

*Find a homeless shelter to volunteer in

*Get two more piercings on ears at CLAIRES

*GARAGE SALEE! At uncles house

*Do a rap battle with some one

*Order the rose that grew from concrete

*Invite Carmen and her daughter

*Go to ghetto super mall

*Get playstation 3 and invite Meri to play cause she has no where to go cause her husband lights candles all day

Blah FUCKING blah

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I am fucking tireeeeddd of this shitttt!!! One moment I feel better and the next every fuckin thing goes down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant fucking stop being paranoiddd! I think about something make a bigg deall out of it and worry about it every day until it fades and I find somethingggggggg else to worry aboutttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck Fuck Fuck you stupiiidd crap stick in my headdd ughhh……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Godd fuckingg dammmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn stoppp!!!!!!

I’m not feeling good this monthh and I am so mad at some of my family members. Ok lets start with my girll cousin…….FUCK YOUUU!!!!! i post 3 pics on instagram and you don’t like them but you like other peoplessss… And my mazher told u to take me out cuz im so fucking depressed and yOU PROMISEDDDD me that you would take me to th emovies on Sunday fucking night instead of going shopping for bras and then throwing them out when you could give them to MEEEE. And don’t tell me you have a bigger ass then me!!!!! You are skinny but you have this booty but I have a bigger one because we compared and OBVIOUSLYYYY mine is bigger and juicyer. Also you have a vacation offf and you said you were going to go shopping………Take me BIIIISSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Annd to my cousin G, are you serious!!!!!!!! You never give me family a present for NEWW YEARSS. OHHHH you’re so fuckinng rich, “oh look at me i own a recycling company and a yogurtland ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh,,,, if my family members see me i think they want my money oh im going to hide with my fat bitch and im not going to come to anyones birthday or holiday partyyy cause im so riccccchhhhhhhhh”.

There is soo many things wrong with what he is doingg.. We dont fucking need your money we just want to see you not your bitch who comes to my party instead of youu! Oh i replace gorgyy in this partyyy!

And to my teacher BLoondiieeee who has her dumb blond moments even though she probably started menopausseeeeeee———MAYBE people have problemsssssssssss okkk????I cant always stand youuurrr stupid momentss. PEOPLE have things going ooooonnnn….All she does is pretend she is in the victorian era, dress up, and go to art exhibits while her daughter,, her poor daughter stays at home with noo tvv!!!

And to Theodoreee. you gay ass motherfuckkerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrahhhrrrrrr!!!!! Your annoying ass shitt and that dummbbb face you doo with your mouth opennn ughhhh put a popsicle in itt!!! and I dont fuckingg care about uu u stupid cunt you asshole i can beat u up any dayy i dont FUCKING careee

And to Raymondjee BITCHHHH you are jealousss I thought i finally had a good friend .. At black girl at that oh you know i like black girls but nooo you decided to coppyyy me and pretend you got partyiing and you got drunkkkkkk ahhahahha you will neverr copy BigBootyBitch aka BigButtBitch thannks for dahhh Nickname hoo and yeah just cause i dont want to lick your purple plum doesnt mean you need to go offf i step on your tail you wanted to be my friend in the begginning ya bishh you gossiped with Iris the redneck hoo and you went to Starbuckks at night with her just to talk about mee Oh that chick iris woow she is lolita she has a 30yr old bff okk but he ugglyyyyyyyyy as fuckkk and she said she date black guys but (ohhmyygawd but she redneck tho) she talk shit bout ghetto peeps and she tried to copy mee, UGh i hate when people copyy mee, and she wore shorts like i Did and but her legs were twiggs and she didnt SHAVEE themm HHAHHAHHHAHAHAHAH oh my gawddd so imagine skinny hairyyy legs in shorts hhehehe thats cray and she cut her hair on the top middle so it look like pussy hair, my badd(p.s i need to wax mee hair off cuz it looking like Albert the cat but has cooooll designs ) and she put toilet paper in her bra and she smell like antique oil like a dead victorian lady in a coffin

AND also to the wordpress people that follow me and dont like any of mee posts………………………………………………………..FUCK YOU :)!! And to the people who follow like a little on meh blog and then want me to participate all fuckingg day intheyre blog they think their the shit oh look at me im soooo freshly preassed and im so handy dandy and proffessionall oh ahhh oohh ahhh i deserve high class followers not a ranterr oh ahhhh pish hposh ya bitch!! I unfollowed youu whoever i want people to follow/like/comment on my blog because THEY WANT TO because THEY LIKE MY BLOG not because thye want to promote their annoying white person oh i have annoying children blog oh i am so neat and tidy look at mee So im not following u cuz you followed me but maybe on instagram cuz yea

And to the asian chicks sitting across me i nn art  classs who nonstop talk andd hheehehe PUT A DICK IN YOUR MOUTHHH!!!!!!!!!! Pleasee any guy wants to volunterr to put their dick in som bitchesss mouth cuz they talk aloottt!!!! Sameee to any bitch who makes that Im above everyone here and im soo important PUT A DICK IN IT!


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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dear Diary,

Went to theatre class today. It lasted for two hours. The scripts are really boring. I saw Theodore without his hoodie. Finally I get to fascinate about his chocolate egg shaped head! When class was finished he said “Ms.B can you bring back Iris for our last class atleast? Oh pwease pwease pwease!” And Bailey agreed with him. I don’t care if Theodore wants her back. I just don’t like her that much, when she showed her real self. One day last year I took her to the mall. When we were at forever 21 she started to act irritated(we were both looking for cloths in the same row). She left me, for no reason, flipped her hair and went to the top floor. Then, at Barnes and Nobles we were looking at books together(she got what she wanted), and later I decided to go the the biography isle and she said “Oh there’s nothing to look at here. Lets leave.” Um, don’t you see that I just started looking for a book? Then when we got to the third floor she told me that everyone is looking at us. Bitch, you is paranoid! No one is looking at us! Just a couple glances. Lawd have mercy!

Also I asked my teacher about the field trip (which she talked about for 20 minutes last week) and she made this face like I was Ramondje talking loud. No, I asked quietly and she gave me this dumb face. What in the world? Blondie said, “Ohh, what? I never said that!” Really B really? Just say it was cancelled or something!

My singing teacher came today. She is soo pretty! Ah think of long black rapunzel hair, pretty grey eyes, and a thin curvy figure! She told me to take off my fake nails next time, so I have to remember that! I was assigned O Cessate di Piagarmi and Stay by Rihhana.

P.S Comment below or email me at iluvblackguys@gmail.com if you want to ask me questions, suggest topics to write about, or anything!!




White Boy Swagga

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White boy swagga

Clean, cut shaved

Yo hairs a nice wave

Good gramma

Dress fresh

Cool glasses


White boy swagga

Spit shit to death

Got them black asses

Yo ding dongs a veiny hammer


White boy swagga

Plaid shirt

Yellow cargos

Beer in hand

Fuckin all hoes

No dirt

Clean and fresh

Beat up a black smurf

Because of his beenie

Look his dick is teeny weeny


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Dear Diary,

Ramondje called two weeks ago. At that time I was very excited that she called , but now that I think about everything- I realized that she was a bad friend. She still talks about how Iris(this girl that is jealous of me) keeps leaving a hundred “voicemails” . This whole drama thing happened over 3 months ago! Lawd have mercy! Raymondje passed on what Iris said about me (and I believe it because Iris has anger management problems) and at first I tried not to talk much about it but later I said that if Iris wants to slap me then I will beat the crap out of her. I think that Ray passed on what I said cause when I asked to see the messages she said she deleted them. -_-

Now I don’t really want to go back to class. I don’t want to see Theodore anymore. I don’t like him anymore.

So I have no friends left. I feel like I am nagging and begging people to hang out with me when I always have to call. I feel like they don’t really think of me. Like they’re doing a favor talking to me. I found myself looking at meetup sites. Man I feel like a middle aged cat lady.

Ok lets cross people off:

Laura/Stephanie: Jealous as fuck.

Raymondje: She was ok. Atleast she asked me about my problems.

Maria: Eh, I’m not sure. She doesn’t want to listen on what I have to say and she is way to naive for an 18 year old girl/lady.

Theodore: Theodore Theodore, did it hurt to hug me? I was hoping that we could become friends. Ughh whatever.


(This bitch is on her period and doesn’t mind talking about everything. If you are a male,please exit out of this post cause there are things I will say her that will change your opinion about women. FOREVER)

I woke up in the middle of the night, went to the bathroom and THIS time I turned the lights on. I felt like five quarters were gonna come out my dookie hole so I pulled my granny panties dwn and flopped out a humongous dark red slithery clot. At that moment I thought of taking a picture of it and sending it to a couple of guys, but I thought I’d inspect it. I pulled, squished, and teared it. Turns out clots are blood that have waited so far in your alley way so they decided to become friends and drink coffee when a wave of fresh blood was coming towards them. The dry bloods decided to stick together and the wave pushed em wayy downtown.




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This is a small poem dedicated to my friend Maria. She’s very funny and she likes to talk alot.



Yes, I like the nipples to be pink

No, I don’t like asians

I like the boys white

He likes to do it at the kitchen sink

Texas cowboy

Knows that I’m causasian

And likes it

Even though he’s a redneck boy

He doesn’t despise me

Cause I’m his new squishy toy.